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How to Increase Customer Loyalty in the 21st-Century

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Once upon a time, a strong relationship between customer and company might have been simply created by one-on-one contact, by specialization, and dependability, by two people standing opposite each other at a counter having a pleasant and mutually beneficial conversation.

Nowadays, there’s too much competition, too many price slashing corporations with infinite resources and twenty-four hour customer service centers. In order to remain relevant and achieve the continued loyalty of customers, it’s important to engage in the latest technological advances. The competition is using them to woo your customers, so you’ve got to be using them too.

Here’s a quick list of ways you can transform your company from old-hat to shiny and new.

1. Have a Website

There is no excuse for avoid this essential business element. Not having a website is worse than having no phone, which is inexcusable regardless of what industry or business type you’re operating.

Having a website accomplishes a few feats with swift ease:

  • Provides accessible information like business hours, mission statement, services, and products offered.
  • Allows a venue for customers to ask questions and engage with members of the company directly via the “contact us” segment of the site.
  • Encourages creativity to find its outlet, even in marketplaces where creativity is usually undervalued or unrewarded. All websites should be active and engaging.

Not having a website is a fatal mistake for any contemporary business.

2. Social Networks

Can be linked to and linked back from a well designed and useful website. That website, which contains such useful and exceptional information regarding it’s business, will receive plenty of praise and tweets and retweets, which will then raise its search ranking, which will then make it more likely for new customers to discover.

Meanwhile, those original customers enjoyed staking their claim to something, to tweeting from the roof of the Facebook mansion that they love your company! They enjoyed it so much, that they encouraged their friends to enjoy it too, and so on, and so forth.

3. Foursquare

Websites like Foursquare are second tier. They indicate that your business is officially a member of the 21st-Century. They are advanced, in the know, and generate loyalty with ease. Rewarding customers for showing up is a great way to get them to do it more often.

4. Digital Punch Card

Nothing says “I love you” to a customer like a digital punch card. Removing one of the greatest hassles in a consumer’s wallet and replacing it with a fun mobile app that’s easy to use and free of charge will generate customer loyalty, without a doubt.

All the business has to do is decide how to best reward their loyal customers. The rest of the work is done for them. That’s the kind of 21st-Century innovation that everyone can feel good about.

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