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3 Ways to Increase Business with Video Promotion

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The main reason that consumers buy products and services is because they expect some form of benefit. Regardless of what that benefit may be, it must be greater than the amount of time and money they spend to get it. One of the most effective ways to demonstrate business benefits is through the use of video promotion. Below are three strategies to consider when developing videos for your business promotion.

1. Immediately State Benefits. Today’s consumers are more impatient than ever. After the advent of the MTV generation – videos have exploded into a very viable method of communication for a wide variety of purposes. Because prospects have so many options available, it is critical to hook them in the first few seconds. Otherwise, they could quickly lose interest and move on. This is why you must provide the benefits of the product or service in the headline of every ad.

The first sentence of each sales pitch should be used as the opening of a video promotion. This is what will get the prospect’s attention and give them a reason to keep on watching and listening. The best way to do this is by expressing what the customer will gain by using the product or service. For instance, “Five Free Ways to . . .” or “Raise Your Profits by 50%.”

2. Create Immediacy. Because there is so little time available, there are only a few seconds to convince a prospect of just why they need to “act now.” In order to do this, they must first understand why they need it, which should be accomplished with number one. Secondly – they have to be convinced that it is so important that they could lose out on something great if they pass it up. For example, “Call NOW to Save an Additional 30%.”

Also, showing the prospect how easy it is to make the purchase works well. Offering payment methods such as through the website, an online service company, phone or fax covers just about all of your bases. Another tactic is to guarantee a fast and free delivery. Offer immediate shipments and premium shipments for free if possible. If you have adequately priced your item, this is usually not difficult to do.

3. Demonstrate Enjoyable Benefits. Finally, in order to close the sale the video needs to dramatize, express and emphasize just how wonderful the product or service is. Showing how it is better than similar ones is a great tactic. For example, indicate all of the the extra attributes and show just how it works. Having someone demonstrate the product or service as applicable is a great strategy to use here.

Intensify and inspire interest by using words that describe the future result after using the product. For example, a pleasant smelling soap or lotion or a service that allows a customer more time to do other things.


Be certain that the largest benefits are being emphasized in the video. Rather than features, focus mostly on results. A feature describes the service or product, while a benefit tells the customer what it will do for them.

For example, a computer program that helps to manage a business may have an automatic feature that was previously done manually. That would be a feature. Once the feature is mentioned, the benefit of that feature needs to be explained. For example, since the program operates automatically, clients and customers save time and there is less chance for error. This also saves money – because time is money.

Applying the above three methods with regard to constructing a promotional video [] can engage the audience more effectively. In addition, this can also raise the content level of your overall promotional materials, as well as website traffic.

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