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10 Jobs That Are In Demand Everywhere

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As the final days of 2012 trickle past and we reflect on what happened during the year, most people will count economic hardship among their memories.  But as hard as it is to find a job (or to keep one after finding it) there are some careers that never go out of style, no matter where in the world you live.  As we step into the beginning of (a hopefully better) 2013, here is a list of ten of them.


Hard as it is to get a job teaching in a regular American school system these days, teachers remain in demand around the world.  Organizations like the Council on International Education Exchange help to place teachers to international posts.


Yes, the building boom in the US is done for.  But anywhere there’s electricity, there’s demand for an electrician.  Knowing how to run wire and (more importantly) fix electrical problems is a solid, marketable skill from one corner of the world to the other.


Anywhere there’s an economy, someone is selling something to someone else.  And anywhere there’s a sale taking place, there’s a salesperson.  Knowing the processes of good salesmanship will not only help you to land a job anywhere in the world, it will help you to present yourself well outside of professional life.

Number Cruncher

The financial sector is alive everywhere.  It’s just as present in the developing world as it is here in the US.  Financial institutions need armies of people to keep track of all their numbers; and working with a financial institution is a good way to build an international career.

IT Professional

The IT infrastructure is no longer exclusive to the developed world.  The rapid proliferation of wireless technology throughout the developing world has made it a truly global phenomenon.  With certification from a school like Upper Training, a qualified IT professional can work anywhere he or she wishes.

Computer Programmer

Programming is growing alongside the expansion of the information technology infrastructure.  As technology plays an increasing role in people’s lives, programmers are in demand throughout the world.

Graphic Designer

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and the sad fact is that in today’s fast-paced world very few people take the time to read even a hundred words.  Graphic designers are becoming the great communicators of our age.


Nursing is like teaching.  Wherever there are people, there is a need.  In today’s world, that need is largely unmet.  From the richest cities to the poorest wasteland, there is a global shortage of nurses; and there is a tremendous need.

Security Professional

As the world speeds up, it gets more dangerous as well.  Or, at least, it seems to.  That makes security a top priority for companies, governments, and families throughout the world.


This probably shouldn’t make my list because “Innovator” isn’t really a job.  But innovation is in demand around the world, in every market and in every aspect of life.  Ahead of us lie technological, cultural, and organizational challenges that will determine the future of our species.  We desperately need brilliant people with beautiful fresh ideas everywhere in the world.

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