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Which Texas Industries Will Grow During 2013?

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They say that everything’s bigger in Texas – and in 2013, there’s no doubt that industry in Texas will do its best to be, well, bigger.  However, given the economy and resources of Texas, some industries may thrive more than others in the upcoming year.


It’s been projected that restaurants in Texas will be a $40 billion industry that will employ over 1 million workers in the state.  This may, in part, be due to Texas’ growing culinary status – Bravo even filmed an entire season of the hit show “Top Chef” exclusively in the state of Texas.

Aviation and aerospace

Texas is a huge state that is home to many different facets of the aerospace industry. It is home to 15 active military bases, the Johnson Space center, and two of the world’s largest airports – all of these different factors provide Texas a leading spot in the aviation and aerospace industries.  It employs almost 150,000 workers in the state and is slated to continue growing.

Computers and Technology

It’s no surprise that the technology industry is booming in general, and Texas is a leader in that field as well. These range from calculators (Texas, Industries) to computers (HP) to the newly emerging field of cellphone apps. The University of Texas has one of the top-ten ranked computer science programs in the nations.

Biotech and Life Sciences

Although Texas has a reputation for being huge on oil and coal production, it is also has a large investments in biodiesel and ethanol.  Texas also leads the energy industry, providing $172 billion to the Texas economy through solar, wind, and nuclear energy, as well as refineries and its own power grid.

Advanced Technology and Manufacturing

There are a lot of roads in Texas, and the vehicle manufacturing industry receives a large slice of the economic pie. Toyota and General Motors are two of the largest manufacturing employees in the state, and the industry exported over $10.1 billion in goods to Mexico.  Over 800,000 workers are employed by the manufacturing industry in Texas, and  Samsung invested $3.5 billion for a plant housed in Austin.

Small Business

Although everything is bigger in Texas, the state tries to be receptive to small businesses. Texas provides a number of resources to small business owners and don’t require small businesses to pay a corporate income tax.

The short of it is, business in Texas is a growing field that is keeping up with the times. Turns out, it’s not all about big oil and cattle (although agriculture is booming).  If someone was looking for a degree that would serve them well in the Lone Star State, a business degree wouldn’t be a bad way to go (check out for more information).

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