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How Other Countries Regulate Gambling

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Gambling in casinos or online can be a fun and challenging activity that allows players to set the stakes within their comfort zone. However, gaming fans should research the various laws in the area they are gambling in, as jurisdictions and their regulations differ wildly. Many states and countries have designated gambling areas, so be sure to check that gambling is legal in an area before playing. Here are some popular gambling destinations with details on their gaming regulations.

  • Australia

Poker machines, known as “Pokies” in Australian slang, are immensely popular and bring massive profits to the Australian government. Pokies can be found in dance venues, bars, and in major casinos. The accessibility of pokies has spread online, to desktop and mobile gaming. There are limitations to interactive online gambling in Australia, as detailed by the Interactive Gambling Act passed in 2001. It restricts gambling organizations based in Australia from providing real money winnings online to residents or other designated countries. This does exclude phone bets and sports wagers. Gamers are not taxed for winnings in Australia.

  • Principality of Monaco

This sovereign city-state located near the French Riviera is an international vacation destination, with the Monte Carlo receiving hundreds of visiting gamblers each day. Participants must be 18 or older to gamble in Monaco.

  • Macau

This region of China has special government regulations along with Hong Kong. Gambling is not allowed in the rest of the Republic of China. Macau’s gambling culture is often compared to Monaco. Tourist gambling areas are abundant, based in on the main peninsula, Taipa Island, MGM resorts and more. The casinos in Macau are under the authority of the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau, which helps bring high gambling revenues to the government. Gamers must be over 18 years old. While there are high taxes placed on businesses that run casinos, winnings are not taxed in Macau.

  • UK

Several forms of gaming are popular and legal in the UK. Arcades, sports betting, casinos, the National Lottery online, and more allow for a diverse range of gaming interests. The UK Gambling Commission oversees the regulations, and publish many guides on obtaining gambling licenses for businesses, industry updates, and more. Gambling winnings in the UK are not taxed, and gamers must be at least 18 years old to participate.

  • USA

Gambling regulations will fall under individual state jurisdictions, but usually gambling is restricted to casinos, American Indian reservation casinos, lotteries, card rooms, bingo, online gambling, and more. Winnings are taxed by the federal government. Depending on the US state, the minimum gambling age may be 18 or 21. If visiting Las Vegas, The Nevada State Gaming Control Board sets the regulations for gambling. Tax forms, statistics, statutes and more can be found via their online resource.


Before heading to a travel destination or picking up a gaming hobby in a hometown, be sure to research the local gaming divisions and regulators. Find out if taxes on winnings are required by the government, check age restrictions, and ensure that a gambling business is legitimate. Get a lucky charm and have some fun!

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