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Five Exotic Travel Locations

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Working day in and day out gets tiring for many, leading to thoughts of vacations in far off places, especially for those who are generating frequent flier miles, either through their best mile credit card, like a Delta credit card, or just by flying mile after mile. There is no need to let those miles go to waste, nor one’s dreams of getting there; it is simply a matter of finding the right exotic locale for that dream vacation. Instead of Disneyland or Hawaii, consider these five exotic travel locations:

1)     Thailand

Brilliant beaches and exotic lands wait for the traveler to Thailand. In addition to hundreds of temples and other exotic landmarks, the warm weather and intoxicating smells of the city are sure to delight the most jaded of travelers.

2)     Sri Lanka

A beautiful island at the southern tip of the Indian Subcontinent, Sri Lanka embodies both its own culture and that of India. Rich in history, and beautiful in scenery, Sri Lanka boasts beautiful Buddhist temples and is one of the top 25 spots in the world for biodiversity, making it a perfect blend of spirituality and nature. Sri Lanka is a truly inspiring place to visit.

3)     Croatia

While colder in the winter, Croatia is a summer destination, and lies between Western and Eastern Europe and offers the best of both worlds. A thriving economy makes it a wonderful place to which to travel, while the area offers some of the best sightseeing for those who are interested in European pre-history or the Middle Ages. Croatia also is adjacent to some of the clearest waters in Europe: The Adriatic Sea.

4)     The Maldives

Like Sri Lanka, the Maldives are off the southern tip of the Indian Subcontinent, and is an archipelago that is made up of over 1100 coral islands, and has the distinction of being the lowest country in the world, which means nearly every property is ocean front property. Tourism is the countries number one industry, followed by fishing, making this a great place to stay and relax.

5)     Sardinia

Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, and has been inhabited for thousands of years, seeing the rise of the Phoenicians, the Romans, the Vandals, the Byzantine Empire, and has been ruled by both the Spanish and the French, in addition to the Italians. This makes Sardinia a gold mine for anyone who loves exploring the past, and has many fine examples of period architecture from nearly every moment in history. Along with the transient rule of this island has come a rich history one can taste in the food and smell in the air.

Each of these exotic locations was selected because of their place in history, their rich culture, and the amount of diversity amongst the people and wildlife. All that is left is for someone to buy a ticket and visit. The world awaits.

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