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Windows vs. Linux Hosting

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In this world, the web is everything. Every company or cause needs to have a website, a Facebook page, and a Twitter handle – at least. All of these need to be well-managed, well-maintained, and they all need to be linked together.  And smartphone-friendly. Facebook and Twitter are fairly user-friendly and easy to set up, but hosting a website takes a little more finesse. There are several points to keep in mind before jumping into the world of website creation.

Getting started

One of the first things to decide when hosting a website is which platform to use. The two most common are Windows and Linux.  In terms of getting information from the hard-drive to the website, both systems offer what is called File Transfer Protocol (FTP) access. FTP is somewhat outdated and can be difficult to use, especially for a novice. Placement of information on the webpage can be tricky to navigate, and for those of us with mild-to-moderate OCD, having one little thing out of place can ruin an entire day of website-making. Linux offers a secondary option called telnet, which has more specific commands and is more user-friendly.  It involves directly opening the window into the webpage, making the information easier to manipulate by using line commands.   In other news, Linux is popular because it offers low start-up costs; however, Windows has a lot more support available for customers. So, for someone who needs a constant customer-service line, Windows might be a more viable option.  Linux might be better for the more individual, do-it-yourself types. Either way, knowing what will fit the needs of the person who will be running the website is pretty critical.


Both web hosting options utilize HTML code and Javascript, which is a language used to make web pages more dynamic and functional. Another added bonus of using Javascript is that it takes very little coding experience, whereas writing HTML codes is intensive and can be frustrating. So, depending on the skill level of the website creator, using Javascript can save hours of hair-pulling.


There are some free options to website hosting, but for companies going for a more professional look, there are going to be some costs involved. Most fees are nominal monthly costs, and there are lots of websites dedicated to helping customers streamline their website-building. These web hosting conglomerates usually offer various plans based on consumer need and price point, as well as giving customers the option to choose their hosting platform.  The options continue from there and in a breeze, a website is born. The user has pretty much complete control over the website, and with the ease of access today, those new to the website world aren’t too far behind the power curve.  

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