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The Power of Presentation over Propaganda: Day 2 at the DNC

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Democratic National Convention 2012

by Matt Houston (citizen journalist)

Last night, former President Bill Clinton addressed the audience of the DNC and America, setting up an amazing move for President Barack Obama to finish tonight.   Though his speech was 30 minutes over schedule, Clinton relayed a message that was necessary and entertaining, purposeful and inspiring, informative and motivating.  He nailed it!

Clinton had several purposes of his speech: to dispel the “misinformation” that was stated at the Republican National Convention, to present (and educate the citizens) what President Obama has done the last four years (acknowledged Obama inherited/tackled problems no other president has in present history), and to show his support and endorsement of the president for four more years.

In his speech, President Clinton made sure to address things that were inaccurately stated in last week’s convention and ensured people that President Obama is on the right track for making positive change in America.  He was fact oriented, and addressed every issue conservatives were making against the president (from “Obama Care” and the roles of health insurance companies, to the misperception that Obama did not create jobs in America), cut with surgical precision those false statements and articulated all of the opportunities created during the Obama administration.

Something that was impressive to me in the speech last night was his ability to address and analyze the issues and policies that are going on so the American public can understand.  He also painted the picture of what President Obama has to go against by saying or implying that no other president has inherited an economy such as this one in the modern history in America.  He genuinely wants people to know what’s going on, so there can be a buy in from the people who built this country; Clinton is a consensus builder.

After clearing the air and making the case of Obama’s productivity, he fully endorsed the president and asked the delegation to support him for four more years.  It was amazing to witness Bill Clinton’s speech; he’s able to relate to everyone in the room, strike an emotional chord with you personally, and inspire you to act and become engaged.  Clinton is a true leader.

With all of that being said, President Clinton was able to present a lot of information to people in a personable, palatable way where everyone can understand, empathize, and feel empowered to contribute to the change.   Honestly, it didn’t feel like a 48 minute speech, but a conversation with your favorite professor or a sermon from your pastor that inspired you to grow intellectually and spiritually.

Matt Houston is Executive Director/External Affairs at Group Excellence (  Matt is also President of the Urban League of Greater Dallas Young Professionals (  To contact him, email or go to

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