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Animal Instinct: Honey Badger Tenacity

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The honey badger is one of the most tenacious carnivores on the planet. It was virtually unknown to the average person in the world until a profanity laced YouTube video went viral with 38 million hits and counting.  Now it has become a part of commentary heard regularly from middle school banter to sportscast news around the world.

Honey Badgers are known to dig through hundreds of stinging bees to dine on one of their favorite delicacies, bee larvae, buried at the bottom of the hive.  In one of the video scenes, the Honey Badger is engaged in a battle with a King Cobra.  After a violent skirmish, the badger kills the snake and begins devouring it from the head down.  Moments later the victor begins stumbling and shaking, having been bitten several times.  After a short, venom induced slumber our hero snaps back and immediately resumes eating his foe.

 “TENACIOUS : persistent in maintaining, adhering to, or seeking something that is valued or desired.” 

- Merriam Webster Dictionary

Can you be that TENACIOUS about your business?  The best leaders and business owners have trained themselves to think and act this way.  How can this TENACIOUS, Honey Badger, thinking be adopted when it comes to your business?

1. Big WHY creates DRIVE:  The business has to be driven to more than just money

2. Have an ALL IN MENTALITY:  Burn the ships, No Retreat, No Surrender.  A little over clichéd here, but very necessary.  Do not leave yourself a way out.

3. Believe you can OVERCOME any obstacle…even a deadly King Cobra bite.

 - Ross Patterson with XTRA MILE Performance at

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