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Jeff Bolton addresses listeners regarding KLIF departure

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  • Delliott

    Very nice message. I’m a liberal Democrat, so I was often annoyed by some of the folks on 570 am, but Jeff would make me pause and consider all sides of an issue.
    Jeff seems like a great guy from what I could pick up from his radio show.
    Best of luck – a sad listener

  • Kjsvaughan1

    I am Independent/Liberal/Democrat, but I too enjoyed listening to Jeff Bolton in the morning on my drive to work. He always seemed like a genuinely nice guy who was very polite to all whether they agreed with him 100% or not. A classy person, if you ask me!

  • Farm girl

    klif lost a great one. What a mistake. My morning commute is not the same, nor is it as pleasureable now. I’m looking for another radio station.

  • Gojonigo

    I thought maybe Jeff was on vacation, but it was going on way too long. Searched for him online and found this video/post. I know Jeff is God-led, but I will miss him greatly during my morning.

  • Sharmie Atwood

    Very disappointed with KLIF. Stupid really.

  • Julie Baker

    You and Glenn Beck are here “for such a time as this” We need your voice to communicate Biblical values to this deteriorating world. Go forth, Brother.

  • Anonymous

    I trust we have not heard the last of Bolton. He was loyal to his audience for years.

    There is more about Cumulus, current owner of a block of stations that includes KLIF and WBAP, here. They also canceled Coast-To-Coast (George Noory) and Rusty Humphries:

  • Jim

    I wish the best for Jeff. I looked at the link and it made me sick to my stomach. A CEO taking such a large salary while the business and stock price is so bad is comparable to a grocery store manager taking all of the profits of a store in salary and bonuses and leaving the owner with nothing. There is no longer anything on KLIF that I care to listen to. Jeff Bolton and Coast to Coast were the only 2 programs that I listened to on a regular basis.

  • Frogking_77

    570 klif has lost me as a lissoner. We lisson to talk radio to get away from the MSM. The Wall Street Journal is everything Jeff Bolton is not. Looks like it will be Bill Bennett on 660 AM from now on.

  • Dbhill2000

    There is obviously something much bigger going on with this event. Jeff had a huge following from all walks of life and political positions. With all the left wing effort to mute the solid position of traditional mainstream values on the air waves, this abrupt act doesn’t surprise me. Since liberals cannot refute logic and common sense in defending their positions, they will just kill the voices of reasons.

  • Tony

    KLIF will loose many listeners as Coast to Coast is the best night time show on the air. Got to wonder who makes these decisions.

  • Loose Listener

    Yes, KLIF listeners are quite loose right now. They have lost me as a listener and will lose many more I’m sure.

  • TL

    I have missed Bolton the last couple weeks. First I thought he was on a vacation, then entenced vacation. Today I actually pulled up the KLIF home page to check to see if he go scheduled to a different time spot. When I did not see him at all, I started googling. I too, am very dissapointend. I have no reason to listen to that station anylonger. I will find where he lands and make a point to thank his new advertisers by purchacing their goods.

  • JWB

    I now listen to 660 am KSKY. KLIF and WBAP are no longer worth listening to. The new managment appears to know very little about the local listening audience. It wont be long before the rest of the local programs will be talking to empty space. You can listen to the national shows over the net.

  • Dotty Lovria

    Jeff Bolton was someone I really looked up to. He was loved, respected and cared for by me and my family. KLIF what the hell were you thinking. I will now spend my money and my listening time elsewhere. Shame on you getting rid of someone so reverred by a community. You will be the ones who will be sorry in the end! God Blell the Bolton family. I wirte this with tears of sorrow.

    Dotty Lovria

  • Krumwebb

    Just what is KLIF doing? Rusty Humphries, Glenn Beck, Jeff Bolton, Chris Krock, Coast to Coast AM……………Especially Glenn Beck and Jeff Bolton…….There is absolutely no reason for me to tune in any more. KLIF has lost another listener………..God Bless you Glenn and Jeff. Get back on the air quick, we need your voices…….

  • Diamondsemeraldsohmy

    Thanks KLIF for giving us such a vanilla programming status. Looking for another station. Totally disgusted.

  • Tbarclayntexas

    What is wrong with KLIF ? Glenn Beck, Jeff Bolton, Chris Krock gone ? You have lost another listener….these guys gave the real news and you seriously think people are going to listen to Mike Huckabee ? Boring to say the least..hope you lose many, many more listeners for this stupid move. Very saddened and disappointed..goodbye KLIF……..

  • Emoore77

    I’ve been an ADL (all day listener) of KLIF for over 10 years. Wow! I’m SO sorry for the new programming. I’m done. There is NOTHING to keep me there. Jeff Bolton is such an upstanding, passion, honest and REAL guy!! So glad I found this page online. You are SO missed. My mornings are not the same. Just turned in the hear Rusty Humphries to learn he is gone. Glenn Beck and Chris Krok, too. I worked at 3500 Maple for many years and you were always a joy to run in to. God Bless you and your family. This is MORE CHANGE we can do without. Good Luck, KLIF. You’re gonna need it.

  • Jrcomita

    Have been a loyal KLIF ADL for 15 years. Now I’m tuning out KLIF and tuning in on my iPhone to coast to coast. Good luck Jeff. I didn’t think anyone could replace Ankarlos passion but you fit the bill. KLIF is FUBAR

  • Wagshopalot

    Klif …… Who????

  • Jerri

    Wow – I think you guys at KLIF got it all wrong. I echo all of the above notes. I don’t think you have a clue what the Dallas people want. I have a very long drive into work each morning, so I got to hear most of Jeff Bolton’s show. He was like a breath of fresh air. Now if I tune into KLIF I’m guaranteed to hear the same poorly reported news stories at least three times (I’m sure if I left it on 570 long enough they would be repeated more) If you thought your ratings were bad before the change – you are sure to see just how bad they can get.

  • Turbonessie

    Ditto to Jerri….

  • Renee

    I’ve been listening to KLIF since I moved here 9 years ago. Whoever made these changes has really let down long time listeners. Really bad move all around. So long KLIF, I will make it a point to make sure my dial is no where near your station.

  • Clasa72

    660 in the am- 1190 in the pm. KLIF listener for many years – no more. Sorry- poor programming, except for Dave.
    Good Luck Jeff.

  • Doc G

    KLIF, the death of a once great talk radio station. I to will watch as you fall into the dust heap, never again to listen to your station.

  • mdm

    klif is no longer on my preset. they suck now.

  • mdm

    this dude was great. I cant believe this. What is klif doing now? I havent been listening so I dont know what they are about. I turned it one a couple of weeks ago and heard some dweeb and quickly changed the station to wbap. I miss Chric Crok too. Did the station get bought out by libs?

  • Dc270

    I too have been listening to KLIF for over 9 years and heard a lot of good tallent come across that show- enought to keep me stimulated and coming back for more.
    Now with the new changes I have tried to get re-interested but it truly is not the same station I once admired and liked listening to, it has lost that “family” feel, daily personal impact and good daily message I so admired. Goodbye KLIF to have lost another listener.
    Jeff you have kept me entertained and educated like no other personality I know of. I respect you and mourn for your loss. It is apparent you lived & learned from a great man. May he rest in peace, God bless your family and may the comfort of God consume in the days to come.
    Hope is that you will stay locally and be reintroduced back into our radio lives once more- no matter though you will succeed anywhere you are I am sure. Thanks for several wonderful insightful years of high quality radio.

  • James Clark

    You are a good man, Jeff, and what a very fine looking family!
    You will certainly be missed.
    God bless, James [former ADL]

  • Bbsenn

    What a loss to the DFW area. Jeff started my every morning. KLIF has been taken off my pre-sets.

  • WWJD

    Have listened to KLIF for 27 years. Jeff and Glenn WERE the reasons I continued to listen. Now, its over. Goodbye KLIF. Wish Jeff all the best in the future. It all happens for a reason. God has better and more fulfilling things planned for you.

  • Kkiddkid

    KLIF new programming =YAWN. KSKY just picked up another listener.

  • Charles Foy

    My family is truly sorry for th eloss, and so appreciative of all that you have done. Jeff I am sure out paths will cross again. The Foy family,, Plano, Texas

  • Dianne

    Jeff was the best thing on KLIF – I hope he returns to the airways soon we need him! I miss his well balanced, thoughtful, and intelligent point of view.

  • Jellyprintpress

    God forgive me but I hope KLIF goes down in flames of shame and stupidity. I am hoping the market will do a correction.

  • David Ray

    KLIF was the first setting on my car radio. Gone now. Why even listen? I don’t understand this it’s just dopey.

  • Soldat

    KLIF Sucks!

  • Fjcirone

    i agree KLIF is just crazy getting rid of coast to coast…im listening to Charlie Jones now on KRLD…very pissed will never listen to klif again.

  • Mtezak1450

    What have you done? Total mistake. Jeff Bolton and Glen Beck WERE the only thing going (except Dave Ramsey) for KLIF. What a SUPREME disappointment. No longer a listener. I still don’t know WHY? How are your market share/ratings now? Get real and bring them back!!!

  • Former Listener

    Bye bye KLIF! No Coast to Coast AM, Beck, Bolton … NO KLIF! Have listened to KLIF since 2000. No more! It’s a shame you didn’t learn from your previous attempts to mess with C2C programming. Thank goodness for streaming through my phone and satellite radio.


  • Ted

    No more Coast to Coast, Bolton, Humphries…
    Later KLIF will be going to the station that picks up C2C, Bolton…


    you know i now have to listen to koa-am850 to hear coast to coast. it’s a station out of denver car picks it up and when i am at work i just pull up the station on the computer.hope anothe local station will pick them up. Thanks KLIF FOR NOT BEING THERE!

  • bob

    I am so sorry to hear of the passing of your father, the Lord’s plan was for you to be by his side at that time so regardless of what KLIF intentions were or were going to be, you were where you were meant to be. You are an inspiration to many of us who followed you, my morning drive is less pleasant and informative than before, but hopefully I will still be able to hear your take on issues and bring to light those that otherwise we hear little about.
    God bless you and your family.

  • Tonyco

    Been listening to KLIF for almost 20 years, I’ve seen the hosts come and go but I continued to listen. The first sign of trouble was when they let the Michael Savage show go. What freaking liberal is forcing real conservative talk shows off the air in Dallas. Think about it who is really on the air in Dallas that is a true independant conservative certainly not fat head Rush, Hannity or the other Republican line toaters. It seems like an intentinal effort to get the true Independant talk show hosts off the air in Dallas.
    A long time listener to KLIF has also decided to no longer listen to that weak station. KLIF way to shrink your audiance…..might as well bring back AirAmerica and those losers thats the only way I can see that y0u would sink the boat faster. LMAO

  • Tonyco

    Been listening to KLIF for almost 20 years, I’ve seen the hosts come and go but I continued to listen. The first sign of trouble was when they let the Michael Savage show go. What freaking liberal is forcing real conservative talk shows off the air in Dallas. Think about it who is really on the air in Dallas that is a true independant conservative certainly not fat head Rush, Hannity or the other Republican line toaters. It seems like an intentinal effort to get the true Independant talk show hosts off the air in Dallas.
    A long time listener to KLIF has also decided to no longer listen to that weak station. KLIF way to shrink your audiance…..might as well bring back AirAmerica and those losers thats the only way I can see that y0u would sink the boat faster. LMAO

  • Jim

    Jim U.
    As many others, I will no longer listen to KLIF.

  • TexasRN

    Jeff, sorry to hear about the loss of your dad, may God comfort you and yours as you deal with his passing.

    I hope to hear you on the radio again as I was not just disappointed you were no longer there, but saddened as well. I listened to you on my way in to work or on my way home (depending which shift I worked), and while I didn’t agree with everything you said, you made me think, and for that I am a better person.

    God bless.

  • TexasRN

    Forgot to mention KLIF. They can add me to the list of those who no longer listen as well.

  • Stevgel

    I am VERY disappointed that Jeff is no longer on the radio. He is one of my favorite talk show people. What a loss!

  • Jewel

    No longer will listen to klif.
    Libera media has taken over, what is happening to you gutless people?

  • Sylvia Wade

    First let me say I am sorry to learn of your Dad’s passing. I know he must have been so very proud of you. Second, I lost my job on 3/09 and have not been listening to KLIF as I’ve been focusing on finding another one. When I am in my car and listened I kept thinking I had the wrong station! I am out of the loop and not sure exactly what happened but I will say KLIF owner / management has made a serious judgment call in canceling your contract / show.

    There are so many of us that needed and truly enjoyed our “Jeff” fix on our way to work. Morning commutes across the DFW area will be forever changed.

    Thank you for all you did to keep us loyal listeners informed. May God bless you in your future endeavors. Hugs from Arlington, Texas.

  • Tdbowers

    Wishing you the best and look forward to what God has in store for you.

  • Leeanne

    jeff try ksky. they had the brains to pick up jd wells, and boy was i glad to find him! i go home every day flipping from station to station. haven’t found anyone yet that i like. to the brain dead fools running klif (into the ground) FOOLS!!!! after ankarlo i almost stopped listening. i’m glad i didn’t then. now? forget it. i will listen to dave ramsey online. and heres to hoping the “legendary” klif has a greatly shortened life span! jeff, thanks for the memories, we miss you. and i’m so sorry for the loss of your father.

  • Holymoly

    Republican, right-wing, conservative, or whatever kind of radio you want to call it, is nothing more than racist hate-filled radio for White frightened zenophobes. Bolton is no exception. He tried to mask his evil messages but anyone with some decency sees right through people like him. I can easily picture him in a hood burning a cross. I’m so glad Bolton, Beck, Krok, Savage and their ilk were plucked from the Dallas airwaves. We’ve got enough evil in this world, without given satan a microphone.

  • Erin

    Holymoly – you are in the minority here. Can’t we just have one medium that isn’t controlled by the mind-numbing liberal media??

  • Jumpinjoedirt

    I have listened to Klif since the late 80s! The only show I listen to on Klif is Wheels by Ed Wallace! That’s it! Y’all had me basically all day, six days each week! I’m done with KLIF you SUCK! I’m sure you will be filing BK next year since liberal radio just doesn’t work, especially in TEXAS!

    Joe G

  • Grace102682

    The radio just became a much darker place. I will miss Jeff….KLIF management should be fired over this decision.

  • Mduskin97

    KLIF – you’ve lost me as a listener. I really liked Jeff. He’s a good guy. Don’t know your reasons behind this, but it’s just not the same.

  • Kathy Crisp

    So sorry Jeff. I know how much you love your parents. I miss you on the radio. You have part of my mornings since you started at KLIF. My radio is off now – playing CDs since I couldn’t find a suitable substitute for your show! I look forward to your book release!

    Kathy Crisp
    Arlington, TX

  • Kat

    There is a coast to coast app but stations on iheart radio still have it ie kfi in LA

  • Mikemc8

    Jeff, I have enjoyed the show. You will be missed. I hope you find a spot somewhere local. Thanks for all you do. GOD BLESS you and your family. KLIF has made a huge error and it has cost them at least one fan.

  • Anonymous

    Bitter much? I didnt realize you were being FORCED to listed to any radio station.

  • Dbsummers

    Thnak you KLIF for freeing up my day as I no longer listen to since Jeff Bolton and Glen Beck on 570 and Mard Davis on 820 as they have been eliminated by the liberal media. I have put away all the back up devices used to listhen to them. i get my news from other sources and my GBTV subscription. Will welcome you back when you are on the traditional airwaves.

  • Lknigh

    So sorry to hear about your dad, our prayers are with you and yours family.
    Don’t know why KLIF dropped a good hosts. They are suck now since all news reports repeat and same as other AM station. Jeff we hope you will come back on with other station. Sad :(

  • Waltfran

    We certainly didn’t need another “News, Talk, Sports” radio station. Local talk is what we want and need.

  • BamBam

    KLIF is now OFF of my pre-select radio dial. Won’t listen to them again. And I’m waiting to see where Jeff lands, so I can follow him. A TRUE Texan and a fair and honest voice among radio talk show hosts, which is a rare commodity in itself. Hang in there Jeff.

  • Holt Jim

    Open ur eyes! Doofus.

  • Pastor Jack

    Jeff: Sorry about your father, I am sure it is a big loss. I have enjoyed KLIF since 1984 when I came to Texas from Montana. Your show was an inspiration….if Ed Wallace did not have his Sat AM show like many I would not tune into KLIF.
    God Bless you and your family in the paths tha God will lead you.
    Pastor Jack

  • Dspaans

    Thanks klif – i now listen to the all important sports talk in the am – i cant believe ive been missing such important stuff all these years.

  • Tracy P.

    Wow. KLIF screwed up, BIG TIME. Like some others have said, I have NO reason to listen to them anymore. 1080 already fulfilled the news/sports/traffic/weather needs. That’s not why I listen to radio. I have long admired Jeff Bolton, not only for his political views, but mostly for his open expressions of his Christian faith. What a gem he is. He is right though — God will provide.

  • Putley

    Bye Bye, Klif. The only right thing you did was getting rid of Krok, and now he’s on the only other station I liked. Bad deal. Love Jeff, man I’m gonna miss you. Your youtube was marvelous, and I know your dad enjoyed the sendoff. I’ll certainly be looking around for your other venues. Your voice in the morning will be sorely missed.

  • D Mounts

    The only program left that I listen to is “Wheels” with Ed Wallace on Saturday mornings. Don’t forget, at lerast Glenn Beck’s programmed is streamed. So, if you’re willing to listen on the computer ……

  • Stunned

    Noticed the ownership connection between KLIF & WBAP at the same time you ruined both stations. No Savage? No Beck? No Bolton? KLIF has been on my radio dial since 1986 (even followed you from 1190, back in the day…). Now KSKY 660 gets 100% of my air/drive time (which is considerable). I have supported your advertisers mightily and hope that they, like I, leave you in your yet-another, mamsy-pamsy, yackity-yak, not-worth-listening-to dust. Who in your ownership team is afraid of conservative dialogue? Are ideas really so frightening that you have to silence them? I can’t imagine you will find a happy home in the DFW market which beat you to the punch with pre-existing yackity-yak (if that’s your thing) years ago. The reason KLIF and WBAP had an audience was your conservative/talk offerings. Without it, clearly your influence and proceeds will wane.

  • Anonymous

    For those with Internet connections or Internet audio receivers, KFI has a great quality of signal for Coast to Coast (George Noory and others). But it’s not the same when we can’t drive around town and listen on a local station. Try WOAI – 1200 from San Antonio – - it comes in intermittently.

  • kk cowboy

    Here is another consperacy theory for you. Texas is bringing a lot of jobs in from California. These Progressive Liberals don’t like what they hear on our radio.


  • 556

    First radio then the Constitution. It is all part of the Lib plan to destruct the only free Sovereign nation, then reduce the population of the earth.

  • Ms3146

    I agree completely and what about dave ramsey i am done and never listen now

  • Marketing

    Lisa Miller here. Once a listener. Now FINISHED. KLIF: you have completed yet another mistake for this audience ( 42-58 age group)
    I will become another ALL DAY LISTENER over at The Answer.

  • Lthomas41

    Totally agree on everything you said Jerri – I never listen to the show anymore since Jeff left. He was and is such a smart and great guy and miss his input so much. I started out my day everyday M-F listening to him from my waking momemt & while I got ready for the day! Miss him alot!

  • Usnv129

    Born and raised in Dallas, listened to KLIF all of my life ( I am 65).
    Congrats to KLIF managment, you guys have created the most worthless radio station I have ever encountered. You are just dull, and that guy who replaced coast to coast, please.

  • Anotherview

    I like Jeff too, and his politics, and his values.

    He drove me crazy when I listened to him because he exaggerated and said things that were not right–his points were right, but he had just not researched the details enough.

    I can’t remember many specific examples, but in one case he said that we needed to remove all congressmen, but then very soon had to admit there were some that he liked and should stay.

  • Bs

    I think that Jeff was interesting to listen to. However, I also believe that he behaved as a self agrandizing basfoon at times.

  • Rickey Porter

    I won’t don’t listen to KLIF anymore. I listen to 660 The Answer (KSKY). What a bonehead move for them to make. I bet their numbers have tanked. Well, they deserve it.

  • Paulei64

    You sir, I consider a true American hero. I will always reflect on all that you taught us over the years. God bless you and your family.
    Paul in Krum.

  • dallasmedia

    Dear God, Jeff! I am so sorry about all of these events that have affected your life! I also like the two-camera split against the Ballpark In Arlington. But poor editing/makeup. I agree with you. There is salvation from our
    savior. The One True Lord -The Squid God Kutulu Who in R’leyh Sleeps. Thankyou, Mr. Bolton, for teaching me the proper geometry and the various side-frequencies to understand the truth.

  • Marie

    I have gone to WBAP and I hear them say that KLIF is their sister station. They even answer the phone as WBAP/KLIF. So why have two of the same thing. We had a choice but now we have to choose which news is better and I like the guys on WBAP better.

  • Charlie Barrett

    I just found this website, but I’ve been pissed off at KLIF since they dropped Jeff Bolton and the late-night George Noory sindication.

    Now the ONLY think I listen to on KLIF is Ed Wallace’s “Wheels” program on saturday morning. Perriod!

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