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Online Schools Can Provide a Cure for “Adult Child Living with Parents” Syndrome

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Living with your parents as an angst-ridden high schooler is bad. Living with them as an angst-ridden college student with all the best ideas that no one is listening is even worse. While in high school, most students want their independence from the parental units. However, all kids demand it the moment they graduate. Yet for any student who chooses to do online school while living at home, getting that much deserved autonomy can prove to be more than a little tricky. Most parents can’t visibly recognize the difference between a high school senior and college freshman, but you can. You meet your peers at State, you hear about your hangovers and you go home and watch Dr. Phil with mom. In fact, they don’t see their child as either; they will always be that bundle of joy brought home from the hospital only yesterday.

Chances are good that the well-meaning yet overbearing ways of any parent will continue until their child gets that degree. Though before deciding to leave the nest and enroll at a traditional college or university, every student should consider the consequences. Specifically, they should think about all the thousands of dollars they will owe in student loans once handed that diploma. If the thought of living at home now induces a cold sweat, what about when you’re forced to move back in after college since you’re too broke to live anywhere else?

Sure, it’s bound to be a rough couple of years. For one, most college kids will most certainly develop a love-hate relationship with their parents’ constant need to watch over and protect them. When that results in daily cleaned laundry and a constantly stocked refrigerator, it’s great. When it results in multiple phone calls at two in the morning as you’re hanging out with your buddies, it’s not so great. Though as the saying goes, you can’t have your cake and eat it, too.

College students who are going through online school should enjoy the free lunches and maid service while they can. In a few short years, all those perks will disappear and be sorely missed. Also frustrating for some college kids will be the keenly felt invasion of privacy when trying to bring home a date. Will it be embarrassing? Yes. Will some guys get dumped just because they still live at home? Perhaps. However, even more embarrassing will be trying to bring home a date when you’re thirty and still living with your parents.

Online school provides a variety of benefits such as the freedom to take classes when you want and the ability to save thousands of dollars on your education. However, freedom from your parents is not one of those advantages. It may prove to be an awkward and sometimes painful phase in your relationship with them, but well worth the agony once that diploma is in hand. No college student wants to be treated like a child by his or her parents, but most certainly neither does a twenty or thirty-something still living under the same roof. For those attending a traditional college, the latter scenario is a very real possibility. Online school never looked so good.

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