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By Co-Founders Whitney Patterson and Alexandria Williams

In the past, the majority of us have made New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, become more active, join a gym, workout more consistently, etc. but somehow those resolutions seem to fall by the wayside by February or March. Here are a few tips to stick to your 2012 fitness resolutions.

Schedule Your Workouts

Without proper planning and preparation it’s easy to let that daily workout slip your mind. Scheduling your workouts each week will make them a priority. Try scheduling your workouts on Sunday night before your busy week starts. Setting fitness goals ahead of time and planning your schedule accordingly will make working out less of a hassle.

Lose the Hair Excuses

Ok ladies, we know hair is a big deal but just like anything else there are ways to work around it. In  an article in the New York Times, the Surgeon General noted hair “issues” as the biggest workout excuse by black women.
Let’s turn over a new leaf in 2012 and leave this excuse behind. There are now resources that specifically address this issue. Sporty is a blog dedicated to black hair and working out. The site highlights practical workout hair care solutions. The founders of wanted to provide hair care guidelines and tutorials in conjunction with realistic workout plans and nutrition tips for black women of all fitness levels.

Just Do It

There will be days when you don’t want to workout but just do it! Training for a race with a friend is a great motivator to keep you working out consistently. Plus, your friend is your built in accountability partner.

Another way to stay motivated is to attend fitness classes that spark your interest. If you enjoy dancing try a Zumba or salsa class. If you don’t have a gym membership, there are weekly fitness classes held in Kiest Park held by veteran aerobics instructor Debi Curry of db Total Fitness. For $2-$3 per class, you can enjoy a workout that combines aerobics, kick boxing, dance and circuit training.

Small Changes Equal Big Results

Instead of starting the New Year with a fad diet, start with small, reasonable changes to your nutrition. Here are a few small changes that add up:

  • Switch from beef to turkey
  • Ditch soda and only drink water
  • Switch from white bread to wheat bread
  • Cut out fried food
  • Opt for healthier snacks such as nuts, fruit, Greek yogurt or low calorie snack packs

Although these small changes don’t seem like much they act as a catalyst, motivating you to make other healthy choices. Before you know it, you will have changed all of your unhealthy eating habits to healthy ones!

Drink More Water

Water is a critical component of our bodies. Lack of water directly results in the body’s inability to function properly. Drinking plenty of water aids in growing healthy hair and helps you feel full, which will keep you from over eating or needless snacking. Try incorporating teas, fruit and fresh herbs such as mint to your water to add flavor and unlock other nutritional benefits.

Hopefully these tips will help you reach your fitness goals this year!

Whitney Patterson and Alexandria Williams are two triathletes who started after constantly being asked how they maintained their curly/coily hair while sticking to a consistent workout routine. Sporty Afros is the first site to connect the dots between hair care, exercise and nutrition.

  • Madothangs365

    Appreciated the 4-1-1 ladies! Obesity is a prison-cell struggle for me and information is the key for my release. Praying and acting on a solution….

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