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Capital Murder Suspects Sought in connection with two deaths

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Dallas Police Department

Darryl Dotson, B/M/10-31-92

Nathan Scott B/M/03-24-93

On December 18, 2011, Steven Govan, B/M/20, and Jonathan Williams, B/M/19, were found in the 300 block of Town Creek Drive deceased inside of a vehicle which had been intentionally set on fire.

On December 20, 2011, Debanair Wynn, B/M/12-04-94, was arrested for Capital Murder in connection with this case. Capital Murder warrants have also been issued for Darryl Dotson, B/M/10-31-92, and Nathan Scott B/M/03-24-93.

Please contact Homicide at 214-671-3662 if you have any information on the whereabouts of Darryl Dotson and/or Nathan Scott.

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  • Kedda13

    ***** need to be buried under the jail!!!

  • Johnathanford87

    R.I.P Johnathan

  • Hy

    hope they die in thea



  • Erica0682

    I just watched the First 48 & I am searching to see what jail these cowards are in so I can torture them with letters that will burn their spirit as they burned Jonathan and Steven. $209 and some weed, like really???? You stole lives for scraps! How dare you?!!! And the mother who put $ up to keep her sonon the run, what is this world coming to?

  • sadden

    It seems like the police would have wired tapped the mom’s phone, then they would have known she was in touch with him. Why didnt they do that? Sooner or later she was going to hear from him. That is her son.

  • Samethingdifferentday

    Wow another murder..all the same always same scenario..young boys ..doing stupid crap…killing each other over nothingness. So, sad for the parents of the victims. But is all to familiar..they need to stop killing each other come on…exterminating each other over sad..same scenarios ..same people …same end jail or body bag.

  • Pettigrewishmael

    I just saw the first 48 and I can’t believe the mother would help her son run after she knew what he did!! What’s the world coming 2 taking lives for nothing!!!

  • Sweetnessbrittney

    Just watched first 48 hours and I can’t stop thinking about this I’m from NY and I wish I can hug th patents and their kids this is so sad! I hope the family has better days! Black people we got to do better they could of gave them black eyes and just robbed them shooting them and robbing them that is heartless I’m not saved but you three will have to answer that god seed everything!

  • miley072

    i just watched this story for like the 3rd time on 48hrs and i hope Daryl mother rots just like him. He is surely the devils child. If any of his relatives are here please inform her ass shes a terrible woman, human being and mother she raised a damn cold murder. I hope somebody rape his ass and tortures him. I send my condolences out to these two boys children,mother, father’s and family. I will truly keep you all in my prayers. To the other triphlin two boys that commited this mother you all really hurt people and these boys did not deserve this. The sad things is what did you idiots gain outside of the jail cell and hatred from so many people. You all didn’t even get enough money to afford a personal lawyer . ALL 3 of you BOYS PLUS Daryl Dotson mother you all are PATHEIC. You all need to know the Devil is a LIE. Its sad you all wasted your lives for NOTHING

  • Kween

    The mother didn’t help him run. He ran on his own and YES she sent him money BUT she didn’t know that he was involved until the detective told her. She knew about the murders but didn’t believe her son had anything to do with.

  • Kween

    This was too SAD. I can’t imagine feeling what these mothers felt. I don’t believe in punishing evil with evil (because the bible tell us not to do that), but I will say GOD is in control!!!!

  • DW in Ohio

    Just watched this on 48 hours. It is a shame that stuff like this is playing out in black neighborhoods all over USA. Sometimes makes me ashamed of my race, and leaves me wondering how we allowed this generation to go to hell like this. Hopefully Daryl and Nate will go to death row, which is the sentence they earned. Debonair should be flipped to testify against the shooters for a lower sentence. The moma who hid Daryl needs to spend some years in jail also, if her son is any evidence, she must be a terrible person…..

  • Janelle Adams

    She still sent him money after she found out he was a suspect for Capital Murder. It has nothing to do with whether he turns out to be guilty or not. He could go to trial and be found innocent, but she was still guilty of “harboring a fugitive.” Learn about the law before you come post here please.

  • Jake Tinkham

    im doing the exact same thing

  • gues

    They work for the KKK when the revolution comes these kind of negros who are a disease to black people will be genetically wiped off this planet……

  • microfiche

    I hope the mother is seriously punished for enabling her son to hide from a DOUBLE MURDER arrest. It’s no surprise that the kid turned out the way he did if this woman was his example. I can’t believe people still commit capital murder in Texas; they get rubber stamped for Huntsville.

  • Mjgio23

    Free My Nigga Debanair Wynn Let Free Cuz

  • Leelu423

    I just watched it too. CAPITOL MURDER! PUNKS!

  • Leelu423

    UNFORTUNATELY, SHE GOT NOTHING BUT INCONVIENIENCED! Should be stricter laws for bi*ches like her. She’s going to hell with her son. Hope she never feels the pain their families are feeling. Oh, wait. Hope she does!

  • Mel

    fuck DEBRAnair!!!

  • Yo

    Dat a useless btch..

  • johnjohn

    when he burns in hell. he will be free

  • Ajackson119

    Exactly! Why would yu wanna frer ah MURDERER!! Whether his young ass pulled the trigger or not he still HELPED!!

  • Stepney1117

    This punks father on t.v. trying to say that he raised his son better than this and the mother crying cause she has lost her son forever, this is the problem in this world, parents that don’t want to fess up to the ignorant children that they have raised and birthed, well these to punks gonna get burned in jail ass busted young ass, and i hope no vaseline is used and everytime they think about a sexaul preditior think of this as being a payback of the two boys that you ended there lives, they should be put out there since they are so hard and let them see what a real ass ss whipping is.

  • msomar

    Their birth dates are on here, all you need to do is call the inmate locator for their state, give their names and dob’s, all of which are on here, and they’ll give you their inmate number and address.

  • Portia Williams

    Just crazy

  • Portia Williams

    It really broke my heart to see this on First 48 this story had me in tears. It is really a praying time. I have two boys and I wouldnt be able to live if someone did a senseless crime like this to them. These 3 boys got whatever is coming their way. Karma is a bad bitch. 209 dollars and weed is that the price on life nowadays. Smfh RIP Steven and Johnathan

  • Anonymous

    remorseless animals…dotson needs a lethal dose of potassium chloride. At least the other kid showed a bit of emotion, so he should get life without parole. Dotson needs to be wiped off the face of this earth, along with everyone like him…

  • Adam_18st

    Fuck kill them all

  • Don’t give a fuck

    Kill all 3 of them and the mom to for hiding him

  • Wankerkevin

    Exactly. She sent the money AFTER she found out the police were looking for the little bastard.

  • Sweet Jones aka Jack Tripper

    stupid ass nigga …fuck yo nigga debanair and anybody thats down wit his bitch ass. you can burn in hell with him and them other two pussy niggas. niggas like you make our race look bad bitch. come to houston ill bitch



  • Jamieboy2222

    you got to be stupid if she didnt think he had anything to do with it she would made him turn hisself in

  • Ujones94

    Debanair Wynn aint shit but a pussy ass follower dawg they shot and burned my cousin and what the public dont know is that Steve was still breathing when they burned him so he was not only shot he was burned alive so as i stated FUCK WYNN, SCOTT AND DOTSON… THEY are some nothin ass coward ass niggaz $209 and a ounce of weed get for real.. and you whoever posted this can come see me in south Dallas Eugene and Myrtle hoe

  • Tymunn

    I sure as hell agree

  • EL2922

    I knew Daryl in elementary and he was a mommas boy. He wasn’t a bad kid at all, but i guess time changes everybody..
    His mom used to work at the school too and she wasn’t the best person. Maybe that’s where he ended up getting it from

  • Berryhillherby

    these punks think they gangstas but they are weak as tap water and they deserve the death penalty.that was way over the top and was senseless. I hope these cowards get what they deserve and that is to burn in hell

  • Damon124

    I just saw A/E an these boys are cowards!! Daryl, u have the worst attitude ever. This boy really does not care about a life. U will have to pay for your actions. May God bless the families that u have destroyed!!

  • guest

    Daryl was a very good friend of mine and just the thought of ever being alone with him and fighting with him scares me. I was also good friends with both his mother and father and agree that they did raise him better than that! The hood changes people, and I am NOT justifying what she did at all but any mother will protect her son at all cost. I had mutual friends with Jonathan and Steven and their loss was very devistating to the community.

  • bfat

    it was messed up but dis type of stuff happens all da time dont get me wrong what dey did was fucked up but bol aint break at all maybe it aint hitem yet,but he far from a bitch ass nigga real sht

  • tj

    The first trial is over. Daryl Dotson was found guilty today and sentenced to life in prison without parole.

  • Barack

    How about “splainin dat” in english instead of Hoodbonics?

  • Barack Soetero-Obama

    Barack said “35 years ago, that could have been me”. He also said “those boys could have been my son”……..Once again, he adds nothing to the conversation……

  • Sheila Cooks

    Sorry, your wrong on so many accounts to her role in this.

  • Sheila Cooks

    Him not being a bitch ass nigga as you put makes he what….a coward, loser, what because it did not have to happened.

  • Sheila Cooks

    I understand your opinion but if my son burned my garage, threatened me and my husband with bodily injury, burned my yard and blamed things on my siblings….my mother should think something is wrong with me. Help at a early age may have helped him later in life…his words and I quote “I am a cold blooded murder and I can do it again”, this is a psychopath .

  • boi_blu

    Punishment for all three (fools) should be an eye for an eye! Darryl’s Mom, really?!!!

  • duckface0915

    I thought I was the only one that liked to torture scumbags like this….their mailboxes must be full

  • Jasmine Thomas

    I get emotional everytime i watch this episode. Its so heartbreaking to see how good people get their lives taken away over senseless and stupid things. $209??? I bet they feel dumb as hell especially Nate. Didnt even know his life was about to get taken away as well. What goes around show nuff come around. Life in jail for them will not be a easy ride for them. RIP Govan. Never knew you personally but i went to school with you. You had a good spirit and always kept a smile on your face. I hope you have that same beautiful smile on your face when I make it up to heaven with you.
    -Jasmine Thomas

  • Kayla

    You the only one on this page that’s showing support for my cousin! He ain’t did nothing.

  • Anonymous

    Erica the world’s coming to young people popping pills like Ectasy that make their judgement go out the window. I’m here in Chicago where we have 14 murders a day. 3 a week is nothing, I’m not bragging but its sad

  • Anonymous

    See here in Chicago you see just like Dallas more and more young black men most are Crack Babies from the 80′s. Something about Gangster Rap, Brain, poor living condition, the black community has always been trouble with NO JOBS, NO HELP, EXCEPT for Obama who did more for blacks in one term then in decades. Lets reach out to the remaining youth that’s on a positive path.

  • Buttfuqer

    Fucking niggers. I swear the world would be better if you cum never existed. Keep killing each other you subhuman filth.

  • Buttfuqer

    Oh trust me you illiterate nigger, he’s getting fucked up the ass on the regular and he’s looooooooving it

  • steve b

    Daryl –How’s your butt ? tough guy LOL

  • V

    Their all in a Texas jail. All u gotta do is look them up on Texas docs image search.. You’ll find gem I did.

  • V

    Inmate search.. Stupid

  • Trenton

    U running a dope house and they did all that for 209 bucks n some weed??

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