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Why America is Failing to Produce S.T.E.M Graduates (Infographic)

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From Tony Shinn

A class that had always kept my interest in college was ‘quiz section’. It was a smaller class of about 30 people – broken down from the big lecture – to get more of a one on one with teacher assistants and to collaborate with other students.

This infographic by the Online Engineering Degree team shows us why S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) degrees taking a hit in college today. Perhaps the difficulty is way too high and not graded like most other degrees.

Across all other occupations, those who have earned S.T.E.M degrees have a higher earning % than non-S.T.E.M graduates. So why is it taking such a hit? Take a look at the graphic for some solutions.

STEM Shortage
Created by: Online Engineering Degree

  • Kmondy

    We are loosing at the starting line, but we only measure at the finish line.

  • Mike H

    We also have to get on the right track. We’re running the wrong race.

  • Benji Hamilton

    I’m wondering if this data is for US born students only?? (it probably is!) If so, this is pathetic. Despite the need for STEM graduates and the earning potential such a degree provide, the bottom line of this graph is that students are dropping out because there is more work required to obtain and use these degrees. That is a sad picture painted of American youth and American culture in general.
    Foreign born students are getting these degrees and the salaries that go with this at a neck breaking speed.
    Put your big boy pants on American and get to work!!

  • Benji Hamilton

    So right Kmondy, we are not teaching our kids to WORK.

  • kaaist

    I think the real problem is that most elementary and high schools aren’t teaching math and the sciences in a practical way where students feel they can directly apply these principles to their lives.

    One way the scientific method, logical reasoning and mathematical problem solving can be better taught is by teaching students how to code software.

Average Joe
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