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Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson’s reaction to the President’s Speech on Jobs

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Dallas South News Wire (Congresswoman Johnson’s Office)

Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson released the following statement this evening in response to President Obama’s speech on the   economy and jobs.

“I applaud the President’s remarks tonight on moving forward with job creation initiatives and especially his sense of urgency.  I am in support of President’s plan, the American Jobs Act. Recently, I was part of the President’s Council on Jobs and Competiveness which met in Dallas where North Texans discussed many of the same points he discussed tonight in his speech.” Congresswoman Johnson said.

“I have always believed that the investments we make in research, education, and innovation today will create the jobs of tomorrow. I support the President’s plan to help our innovators and entrepreneurs create new technologies, rehire quality teachers for our classrooms, and build new companies and create the high-paying, high-skills jobs that will keep our economy strong and continue to improve the standard of living for all of us.”

The American Jobs Act would include tax credits for companies hiring veterans, aid to state and local governments to prevent the layoffs of police, firefighters and up to 280,000 teachers, the modernization of 35,000 public schools, and a multi-billion dollar infrastructure fund to help modernize roads, bridges, railroads and airports.

  • Ellen Childress

    I, too, applaud President Obama’s plan and the details that you have mentioned in your response to that speech. Please let me add that here in Dallas, our library system is falling dead last behind every other city of this size in Texas and elsewhere. It is a proven fact that a city without a strong, functioning and up-to-date library system usually has also neglected the rest of its infrastructure and its schools and will not be attractive to companies that might consider relocating or opening here. Ms. Johnson, we have got to do something to help out students and to help our adults who may need to continue their education in the hope of getting work that will support their families. We have taken away so many teachers and cut so many programs that the harm is increasing every day. And to cut funding to our library system down to nearly nothing hurts everyone. One example is Skyline Branch Library which is one of the oldest in the public library system. They need subscriptions to 19 periodicals ! Resource materials are lacking at every branch library. New books are being limited to a few copies of best sellers. The non-fiction sections are suffering. The inter-library loan program has been revamped in the hope of cutting even more. And staff is down to almost no one. Dallas’s library budget has been cut 40% and we’re on the verge of losing our accreditation ! Over here in far east Dallas where I live a new library will be opening early next year, but there is no funding for staff. Ft. Worth is spending twice as much on its libraries and Seattle, WA is at five times what we spend. The economic development impact of failing libraries is great. Companies look at several things when they consider a city for relocation. They look at the educational system for a well-educated work force. They look at neighborhoods where their employees might live and shop. And they look at infrastructure including streets, parks, recreational-cultural activities and libraries . In other words, they seek a city that works in every sense of the word. Something has gone terribly wrong in Dallas.

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