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Wade Emmert: We Are Who We Vote For

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By Wade Emmert

I was elected Chairman of the Dallas County Republican Party a few months ago.  Though I am new to that position, I am not new to Dallas County politics.

I’ve have been a two-term, undefeated City Councilmember in Cedar Hill and the Republicancandidate for Dallas County Judge.  I serve and have served on many community boards and commissions.  I know most of the mayors and councilmembers throughout the county and am generally well-respected.

I’ve been connected with politics in Dallas County, particularly southern Dallas County, for along time.  What I’m about to tell you comes from a place of knowledge and from my heart. My message is to all of us, Republican and Democrat, you and me.

Look at the current crop of people on our Dallas Commissioners Court.  Everyone thought the behavior of the commissioners would improve when a new Dallas County Judge was elected.They all blamed Jim Foster for speaking softly and being slow to use the gavel.  Most of the time, he committed the egregious act of actually letting people talk.

And the Commissioners used that opportunity to scream and yell at each other, call each other nasty names and be so unprofessional that it made you shake your head. Of course, a new County Judge would make it all better.  Wrong.

This new Commissioners Court is worse in many ways.  They still fight with each other but now they also fight with the public.  Before you blame the Tea Party for being the instigators of the conflict, let me tell you that it does not always break down on partisan lines.

When Bruce Sherbet was forced out as the Elections Department chief, Democrats and Republicans came to his defense.  They were met with plenty of gavel banging and a lot of closed-door sessions.  When public statements were made, Judge Jenkins trotted out the same old line that everyone knew was not true.

The public … you know, We the People … have to take responsibility for our elected officials.  Some might say we get what we deserve, but I think we get what we allow and we should stop allowing the commissioners court to behave this way.

How do you make a difference?  Get informed, get involved and vote. Some of you reading this probably don’t know what the commissioners court is or what it does.  Fine.  Go Google it and learn.  If you have never been involved politically, now is your chance.  Our communities are crying out for good leadership.  You could be that leader.

Now that you are educated and involved, go vote.  I would rather everyone vote Republican, but i have many Democratic friends who would make outstanding elected officials.  Seek them out and vote for them. and this is why we should be ashamed.  Too many people sit on the sidelines and let other people make the decisions for them.  We put up with the lowest common denominator of elected official.

We get the elected officials we allow, so let’s stop empowering elected officials to behave badly.  If we continue to allow this circus in our local government, we should all be ashamed.

Wade Emmert is Chairman of the Dallas County Republican Party and former memberof the Cedar Hill City Council.

  • Phelps

    “You’re white. Go to hell.”

  • Linden

    I like what I hear, Wade.
    As to Phelps, you sir are indicative of the racism that has strangled Dallas County for far too long. When you dwell on the color of someone’s skin, you’re no longer capable of hearing their message or seeing them for who they truly are.
    Phelps is the antithesis of everything Dr. King stood for.

  • shawnpwilliams

    Phelps is making a not so subtle reference to Commissioner John Wiley Price’s “you’re all white” comment at a meeting earlier this year. I knew when I approved that one it would be misinterpreted. But that’s O.K. I’m sure Phelps doesn’t mind and would chuckle at being called racist.

  • Linden

    I knew that, but without context, it can lead to misinterpretation that does nothing to further dialogue. It didn’t work for JWP and parroting it doesn’t do anything either.

  • Linden

    Why can’t the county be viewed as a whole? Why can’t the commissioners represent their constituents?

  • Mike Hubbard

    My man Phelps.

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