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Medical Paperwork: The Sick Cost [Infographic]

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How much do you really know about health care reform? I can honestly say, I don’t know much. The Medical Transcription team really opened up my eyes, and it makes sense. Where are the billions of dollars going? Same place the paperwork is going; the shredder. It makes me sick to just see these sort of stats.

I’m not trying to insult those who do the work, I’m sure they do a great job. My sweetheart of a friend Leila, is in the administrative department at a local hospital and from the sounds of her work, it could use a bit of efficiency. In no way do I want to see her lose her job, because she has worked her tail off to get where she is. Not to mention, she never has money as it is, so a job loss would be devastating. I only bring up the monetary issue because she “never has money to come hang out or eat with me”, but we’ll save that story for another time. *sad face*

Nevertheless, if we can save millions of dollars every year by adding a bit of efficiency all across the board, then why not? If it helps with health care costs, then let’s do it. I’m sure the President is doing all that he can to make sure a lot of this is taken care of. However, a sense of urgency toward change is necessary and this infographic reveals the costs that may make you feel the same as I do. Take a look. It’s… shocking.

Medical Paperwork

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