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Rags to Rags & Riches to Riches [Infographic]

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When I was in college, there was one resource I always took advantage of: The EOP

The Educational Opportunity Program at the UW, allowed minority students access to tutoring sessions, financial aid assistance and personal counseling. I’m sure similar resources may be available at an Online School, but there was one thing the EOP had that was gold: The IC.

I thank God for the Instructional Center (IC). It was filled with students everyday and those looking in, were very envious. Professors, teacher assistants and certified geniuses were available everyday for Q&A. I was very fortunate and blessed to have such a resource to help me succeed and get to where I am today, unlike most.

Some students never received such an opportunity. In fact, much like students looking in, most never have the opportunity to receive a high, quality education. A great education, typically provides the opportunity for a student to develop and groom a skill set. Unfortunately, the highest quality of education isn’t easily accessible. Recently, I watched an ESPN documentary, “The Fab 5″. In that documentary, one comment really stuck out: “Duke only recruited certain players with certain backgrounds.”

Now, I know there was a ton of controversy around that statement, but I personally believe there was some truth to it and it’s simple: Not everyone gets the opportunity that others receive. Some are raised in affluent families, others aren’t. Sorry, that’s just how it is.

But to deny the need of a high quality education, simply because of economic class or even ethnicity? That’s where I get a tad bit frustrated. Here’s an infographic that illustrates some facts about colleges who say they offer scholarships, grants and other resources to all their students. However, it’s simply the opposite.

Rags to Rags - Riches to Riches
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