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Statement from State Representative Yvonne Davis on the Passage of the State Appropriation Bill

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Dallas South News Wire (State Rep. Davis’ Office)

(May, 28, 2011) Tonight in an effort to stop the most offensive budget ever considered by the Texas House of Representatives, I raised several points of order on House Resolution 2558 as a means to stop further consideration of that measure and the Conference Committee Report for House Bill 1, the state budget.  While I knew this was a must pass bill for the House leadership, and that it would probably be overruled, I am certain that stopping these measures would have benefitted Texas and Texans!  Unfortunately the points of order were overruled and both measures were considered and passed.   Without any doubt, Texas and Texans deserve better!

As I still believe, there were many options never considered during the budget deliberations that would have created a more balanced and less offensive outcome to the citizens of this State.  Although I disagreed and questioned the Republican tactics of fiscal management since the start of this legislative session, I also offered solutions to our budget crisis.  I filed several bills in an effort to examine and eliminate the egregious tax breaks and exemptions which are given to various businesses.  My bills would have provided approximately $22 billion more dollars to restore funds to education, health care, student financial aid, Medicaid for the elderly, and other essential services.   Not only did the leadership ignore this huge resource of dollars hidden beneath those tax benefits, but they further refused to tap the “Rainy Day Fund” to sufficiently solve the state’s rainy day woes!

Because of the various accounting gimmicks and tricks, this budget will add to our State’s structural deficit!  This budget will cost Texas hundreds of thousands of jobs and countless citizens will no longer be able to count on the essential services of our government.

I could never accept the budget cuts being placed only on the backs of our citizens while businesses not share the burden.  The priorities of our budget should reflect the values of our State.  Texas and Texans deserve better!

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