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The “Common” Mistake with Fox News

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By Casey Thomas

Fox News has jumped the gun on another “radical” President Barack Obama lover. The latest example of overreaction without fact-checking is the outrage from the right towards rapper-actor Common’s invitation to the White House by First Lady Michelle Obama for Poetry and Prose Night.

The conservative website, The Daily Caller posted a video clip of Common performing on the HBO series, Def Poetry Jam. In the clip from 2007, he speaks about the war in Iraq, and mentions former President George W. Bush in the poem.

Former Republican Vice President candidate and former Governor Sarah Palin, and the Republican political guru Karl Rove referred to him as a thug. First, of all Common is the last person to be considered a gangster rapper or thug. He is considered to be one of the fathers of positive rap.

John Stewart, the host of “The Daily Show with John Stewart”, does a great job of putting the whole situation into context by showing how the soundbites were taken out context, and the poem meant the complete opposite of what Fox News and conservative commentators made it out to be.

Several months before this, Fox News did the same thing when they accused Shirley Sherrod, an employee of the United States Department of Agriculture, of making racially insensitive comments when spoke at an NAACP banquet. Mrs. Sherrod was forced to give her resignation immediately once the video had been posted on a conservative website, run by Andrew Britbart, who has been quoted as saying his job is to bring down the NAACP after the organization accused the Tea Party of racism.

After the video was released in its entirety, not only did the NAACP apologize to Mrs. Sherrod, but the Obama Administration apologized and offered her job back.
This will not be the last time this  “common” mistake is made by Fox News.

As long as they focus of the network is to play the “gotcha” game with the Obama administration and other Democratic leaning organizations, Fox News will continue to be seen as a political organization and not a news network.

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