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John Rhadigan fired from Texas Rangers broadcast, never had a chance

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By Shawn Williams

Barry Horn of the Dallas Morning News reports that John Rhadigan has been booted off the Texas Rangers T.V. broadcast.  Rhadigan had struggled mightily with moving over from the Fox Sports studio show into the play-by-play booth with Tom Grieve.  According to Horn, radio announcer Dave Barnett will move over to television while former Ranger Steve Busby will team up with Eric Nadel on most nights.

The Rhadigan was a bad idea from the start. Most play-by-play guys work their way up in the same way ballplayers do, by paying their dues with minor league teams or in smaller markets.  Handing Rhadigan this gig (without much of a search) in this market after the team’s World Series appearance was poor judgment and in the end not good for the man himself.  But the timing of the announcement of his firing is genius, as we all bask in the glow of the Mavs.

I never heard one person who supported the hire, though all J.R.’s media colleagues rooted for his success.  Most of the criticism he received was fan chatter and one websites (including comments we received), the media was pretty much silent.

Baseball fans can be brutal, and sharp criticism of Rhads work can be found all over the net.  There’s no need to kick a man while he’s down, so I’ll say I wish Mr. Rhadigan the best.  He’s a pro and he’ll be fine.

  • Mark P

    He may have been a fine journalist, but it was embarrassingly obvious how little he knows the game. He could fake it while on the Fox desk, but the Rangers need a pro calling the game.

  • Kelly

    I find your comments regarding the fans being brutal an insult. Sure the fans were vocal but I would hardly call that brutal. And most fan comments I read said things like ‘Rhadigan is a nice guy but…’. There was rarely a bad word about the man, only criticism (and valid criticism at that) of his play-by-play skills.

  • Jason K.

    I agree with Mark P. During one of the Phillies games he stated that Ryan Howard led the AL in some offensive category. That’s just awful. His home run call seemed forced at best and he never seemed comfortable. It was to the point where I couldn’t watch anymore. He’s been around the Rangers and FSSW for a while so I’ll chalk it up as a bad idea on the Rangers behalf. I’m wishing him good luck, just as long as it’s not in the booth.

  • shawnpwilliams

    Kelly if you were to look at some of the message boards out there it was brutal. Rhadigan and “sucks” were becoming synonyms among Ranger fans. A few of my and I started an email thread on the subject during week two of the season. Fans, Rangers fans were saying they wouldn’t watch the broadcast anymore. This was totally a fan driven event. Were the Rangers in the middle of 10 losing seasons, Rhads would have probably been allowed more rope. Not the year following the World Series.

  • zach

    I’m a Rhadigan supporter, but I could see that he was ill-prepared to take this job in Spring training. Someone tell us WHOM it was who selected John in the first place without performing due diligence??
    If, Dave Barnett was such a simple no-brainer choice, WHY wasn’t he selected at the outset??
    If, I didn’t really honestly know better I’d say that THIS was a George DUBYA Bush operation while wearing his flight suit!
    It’s too bad…

  • FinsFan

    Rhadigan is a very likeable guy – once you acquire a taste for his cynical nature. I always sounded like he had a sneer on his face. He does a fine job in the pre and post game shows on FSN, but It was painful to listen to his pbp (he jabbered more like a Color Man) and his ‘cringe worthy’ inaccuracies. Granted, Baseball has more crazy rules than Mark Cuban has Tshirts, but he clearly wasn’t clued in enough to call the games. Good Luck Rhads…you made for good conversation while Hammy was out.

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