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Waco Businesswoman Opens Fat Ho Burgers

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By Joanna Cattanach

I know we should do our part to support female entrepreneurs, but what Waco businesswoman Lakita Evans considers a gimmick to get people into the doors of her new restaurant, Fat Ho Burgers, just doesn’t sit well with many Wacoans and ex Wacoans. “Oh, jeez,”  Waco city manager Larry Groth told the Waco Tribune Herald. “I guess they’ll find out whether the community supports them soon.”

The restaurant sits at the corner of South 11th Street and Ross and is expected to open this week. Evans says Waco is home to the restaurant chain Hooters so what’s wrong with a Fat Ho?  I see her point, but I don’t patron Hooters, Twin Peaks, or any other female body part restaurant either, and I don’t get why other women do.

Are the chicken wings worth being the subject of male food fantasies? Really? But Hooters is named for body parts, not the derogatory phrase used to describe a certain type of woman. Though one might argue that there are many hoes at Hooters, too. But should we support a woman who tries to make money off  misogyny? ”

“I chose it because the economy is down, and what makes me smile is when it puts a smile on their face. They can come here have fun, eat, laugh at the menu and try to take their mind off of stuff,”  Evans told a Waco TV station. Maybe they can take their mind off stuff, but who wants to work at a restaurant where Evans and employees might answer to “Hey, Fat Ho!” If she can dish it, she should be able to take it.

Let’s be honest, there would be an outcry in Waco if this restaurant was called My Niggaz Noodles. Why? Because THAT term is offensive. So is being called a ho, b*itch, slut or any other derogatory derivative in my mind, and just because a woman says it and laughs (like Hip Hop artist use the ‘n’ word in lyrics) doesn’t make it right. Honestly, I’d rather eat at another cheap burger joint in Waco (and there are plenty), laugh, and not feel insulted when men walk in and see a group of women, or should we just accept being called hoes now.  But not everyone is as supportive of the burger banter.

One person is offering free marketing and promotions help to Evans if she changes the name of the restaurant, and the same person started a Facebook group called Keep Waco Texas Positive. But some people aren’t as discriminatory and want to see a ‘ho’-in-the wall burger joint make it. “Fat. Ho. Burger. Cause, Ho’s got to eat too!” wrote one commenter on a message board.

Still others see the humor, “If anything, the name of the restaurant almost makes eating there a novelty, and I think that this is the effect that Ms. Evans wished to achieve when she gave the restaurant this name.” Stay wacky Waco!

Chick Talk Dallas is the hatchling of Joanna Cattanach, a former Dallas Morning Newsstaff writer/news assistant. A graduate of Baylor University, she currently works as a freelance writer and writing instructor in the Dallas area where she and her husband call home.

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  • Richard

    Let me see if I understand: If I went through the right process and opened my new restaurant — let’s name it “Crackers” — next to the Baylor campus, it’s okay.

    I’ll staff it with a bunch of fraternity boys in new overalls, run Jeff Foxworthy comedies or Amy Grant gospel in the background, serve only organic veggies and Fair Trade coffee, print the menus on recycled paper, all entrée meats are from Nebraska, wines are from France, and cheeses from Wisconsin, and put Miracle Whip and a backgammon board at every table.

    Oh, I’m printing money with this idea! And it doesn’t offend anyone or foster any stereotypes. I’ll get Chris Rock to MC the ribbon cutting.

  • duchess

    we do have a cracker restaurant ..its called cracker barrell off hwy 35 and loop 340…so whats your point??

  • Allison Thigpen

    this name of place is awesome who ever wrote this article is ugly af and is just straight up hating keep pushin fat hoe burgers!

  • Allison Thigpen

    shoulda named it grab her by the pussy…….drops mic

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