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Chief Brown Terminates Patrol Officer

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Dallas South News Wire (Dallas Police Department)

Dallas Police Chief David Brown

Dallas Police Chief David Brown

On January 27, 2011 at about 11:50 pm, Officer Hiram Soler #9413 initiated a traffic stop for a traffic violation in the 9400 Block of Abrams Road.  The driver of the vehicle, Rodarick Lyles was discovered to be driving with a suspended license and had a warrant for his arrest from the Dallas Police Department for no Drivers License.  During the traffic stop, Officers Quaitemes Williams #9348 and Edward Cruz-Done #9427 arrived to assist Officer Soler.

As the officers attempted to place Mr. Lyles under arrest, he resisted, falling to the ground on top of Officer Williams.  As the struggle ensued, Officer Williams was able to escape from underneath Mr. Lyles and the three officers were then able to place Mr. Lyles in handcuffs.  Dash-cam video of the incident then shows Officer Williams pepper spray Mr. Lyles and kick him in the face while handcuffed and no longer resisting.

The incident was referred to the Department’s Public Integrity Unit and Internal Affairs Division for investigation.  The Public Integrity Unit completed a criminal investigation and has filed a charge of Official Oppression against Officer Williams.  The Internal Affairs Division completed an administrative investigation which resulted in sustained complaints for unnecessary force and causing inaccurate, false or improper information to be entered on a report of the Department.

Disciplinary hearings were held for Officer Williams this afternoon and he was terminated from the employment of the Dallas Police Department.  Following the hearings, Officer Williams was arrested for the Official Oppression charge and transported to the Dallas County Jail.  The FBI Civil Rights Division has also been briefed on the incident and provided the dash-cam video.

Officer Soler also received a sustained allegation of entering inaccurate, false or improper information on a report of the Department.  His received a 10 day suspension as discipline.

Officers Williams was a member of the department for 3 years and Officer Soler has served for 2 years and 10 months.

The Internal Affairs Division Executive Summary will be provided to members of the press, as well as a copy of the dash-cam video.  These documents will also be available to the public through the Police Department’s Facebook page.

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