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Former Stephen Broden campaign worker files civil suit

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By Shawn Williams

Stephen Broden

A former campaign worker has sued U.S. Congressional candidate Stephen Broden in small claims court, saying that she has not been paid for services rendered in December 2009 and January 2010.  Cynthia “C.J.” Wernee filed a claim in Small Claims Court Precinct 1, Place 1, seeking $4,000 for time she says she worked as campaign manager in the early stages of Broden’s congressional bid.

“The reason I left (the campaign)” Wernee said, “is because my husband was sick and I needed income.”  Wernee said she was paid $1,000 in December of 2009 but that she and Broden had agreed that her pay would be $4,000 per month.  She says she left the campaign after a week’s work in January for which she was not paid.

But the Broden campaign has a different story.  “C.J. Werner is a former employee who was paid in full for the work she performed,” said Debbie Georgatos of the Stephen Broaden campaign, “She resigned from the campaign months ago.”

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  • Phelps


    Maybe he can pay her whatever she wants out of the Congressional Black Caucus College Fund in a few months.

  • KJ

    Broden is the typical Republican Tea Bagger… a right-wing neocon, batsh*t crazy shyster. EBJ might be corrupt (but she’s done more good than bad), but there’s no way this lunatic who is Glenn Beckkk’s Steppin’ Fetchit will win this election. What policies or vision does he have for District 30, anyway??? Haven’t heard a thing with the exception of him trying to overthrow the government if need be, and calling President Obama a socialist. Jerk!

  • kennedy

    Hmm… a “pastor ” who cheats and swindles people?

    Thanks for bringing this info out… the Dallas Morning News hasn’t been doing its homework on this guy!

  • Cynthia

    This seems perfectly consistent to me. This candidate is all about “cutting spending” and “reducing the deficit.” He’s just trying to get a head start on it, right…. by expecting his employees to work for free.

    I assume he’d do the same once in office.

  • toby

    I love that Cynthia!

    But really how can you not pay an individual the money you owe her when you have a contract and she needs the money to take care of her ailing husband?

    I think I will pass on the compassionate conservatism, and on the “preacher’s” brand of religion!

  • El Coconut

    What does her employment contract say? The judge will figure this out. I have worked on many political campaigns, paid positions are far and few between, usually for State wide or Presidential campaigns only.

    TX30 needs Pastor Broden!!!

  • toby

    It look likes are figuring this guy out!

    Apparently this is not the first person the “preacher” has swindled there are two more campaign workers and campaign advertising men oh and yes even people who played music at his “church”.

    I am not sure anyone in TX30 needs the “preacher” but I know that the lady who was cheated out her money needs to get paid!

  • toby

    Broden is really amazing, the gall to put a giant campaign sign on the car owned by your church, and then he spends all of his time attacking Congresswoman Johnson.
    What a hypocrite.

  • John

    Broden is liberal conservative chameleon.Just like Governor rick perry.Bad for Texas and America. Worse Governor perry is running for President and want Palin as vp or viseversa.Broden only cares about himself.The hell with people that follow him and waste money on this fool. Wake Up and stop both!

  • John

    Go to youtube as see Broden rant on about the issues.He hates Obama!He wants black folks to take up arms to .You should report him and complain about this. It is still up on site. He has no shame.

Average Joe
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