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Dallas: City of playoff busters

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By Shawn Williams – Editor

This what we do.  This is our sports existence.

Mavs – 4 straight years failing to make even the Conference Finals.

Stars – 2 straight years no playoffs, surprise trip to Conference finals in ’08, 3 straight first round exits prior to that.

Cowboys – End 13 year playoff drought by beating Eagles before getting smashed by Minnesota.

Rangers – …… question


That’s how we roll.  Spending the entire year thinking our teams are better than actually are before a seasonal crash and burn.  Yes the Mavericks were the number two seed and there’s something to be said about that.  But they spend the entire regular season trying to prove how good they are, rather than trying to tune their game up for the regular season.  Remember at the end of the season when a player said they were still trying to find out who they were?  REALLY?

While George Hill and DeJuan Blair were learning on the job, Roddy B. was on the bench with DNP’s.  Then last night Coach C shows just how much he was messing up by letting Roddy play and play well.

As the Mavs scratched and clawed their way to victories of the Grizzlies and Warriors, the Spurs were waiting to peak at the end of the season. Well unless you count the last game when they lost on purpose so they could play the Mavs.

Dallas teams have a complex.  They can tell you better than they can show you.  Listen to the Maverick announcers when they give interviews.  Every year they say Dallas was the better team when they’re ousted.  Every year they tell us why the Mavericks are better than what they are showing on the court.  Every year they tell us that J.J. Barea is a spark plug for this team.  Every year they are wrong.

The Mavericks are not a good team.  They just aren’t a good basketball team.  They’re old and none of the players (save Dirk) really know how to win.  Everybody’s new to this thing except Dirk, Damp, and Jet.  And there’s a problem that obviously needs to be fixed.  So where do you start?

This thing is rotten to the core.  Oldest team + second highest payroll = first round exit?  Seems like that shouldn’t add up but really it does.  In the Mavs heyday, they were young and energetic, even though they were not athletic.  Damp, Dirk, and Jet were all 5 years younger on the NBA Finals team.  You swap Kidd for Harris (36 vs 22), and right there your team is 29 years older.

It sucks.  Really it does.  But sooner or later reality may set in.  Then again, maybe not.

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