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New Hip Surgery Procedure at Methodist Charlton Lets Patients Walk the Same Day

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From the DSN Newswire (Methodist Health System)

Methodist Logo 2A new hip replacement surgery at Methodist Charlton Medical Center revolutionizes recovery time, allowing patients to walk the same day. The anterior approach to hip replacement is a minimally invasive procedure that dramatically shortens hospitalization and rehabilitation times. Methodist Charlton is one of the few hospitals in North Texas offering this new approach.

The procedure allows doctors to approach the hip from the front, rather than from the side (lateral) or back (posterior) of the joint. Muscles do not have to be cut and sewn back with the new anterior approach, causing less trauma to the tissues. The result is a much faster return to normal activities. In most patients, the hospital stay ranges from 2 to 4 days, as opposed to the 5 to 7 days with traditional surgery.

Most patients experience significantly less postoperative pain, and the patient may walk immediately. Many patients discontinue using a walker or cane in as few as 10-14 days. Physical therapy is rarely needed and rehabilitation is faster—two to four versus six to 12 weeks with conventional hip replacement.

“The patient’s ability to walk sooner after surgery, instead of spending time in a wheelchair where their muscles can waste away or shrink, is a real boost to their recovery process,” says Joseph Tejan, MD, an independently practicing orthopedic surgeon on the medical staff at Methodist Charlton trained in this new approach to total hip replacement. “The faster they can get back on their feet, the faster their recovery will be.” Methodist Charlton Medical Center purchased a special operative table to support the new procedure that allows a smaller incision and much less traumatic surgery for hip replacements.

Methodist Health System offers complete care for patients needing surgery to replace painful hip or knee joints damaged by injury, deformity, or degenerative diseases such as arthritis. The Methodist Joint Academy helps prepare patients to achieve the best possible surgical outcome, a speedy recovery, and a faster return to normal daily activities.

In the Academy, patients receive a two-hour course from caring, expert Methodist staff members who give them a preview and overview of what to expect – step-by-step – before, during, and after surgery.

For more information on the anterior approach procedure at Methodist Charlton, call 214-947-0044 or 1-866-584-8104, or visit

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  • Thompsondagmar

    how long has the anterior approach for total hip surgery been used…..what are it’s draw backs… they still use the grow in technique with this procedure????

  • Thedailyexchange

    i don know if you have had the surgery yet, but its great!!!! i had my right hip done and i was out of the hospital in 3 days…they were going to discharge me in 2, but wanted to make sure i was ok. i could not walk w/o a cane and after my surgery i was running up and down the basketball court w/i 4 weeks of the surgery…i now have to get the left hip done, which i knew eventually, i am going to see dr. tejan to get the process started. im 40 years old and i feel like i have my life back now…i still can workout on my arthritic hip, but after i workout i feel pain in the non-surgical hip…but the surgical hip hasnt given my any problems…its been two years since iv had the surgery and i love it. good luck to you.

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