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Erykah Badu’s Window Seat and Dealey Plaza: Did we see what we thought we saw?

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Not going to spend much time on this one, but just wanted to raise a point after I saw the Dallas Police Department making a statement on local T.V. about Erykah Badu’s latest video “Window Seat”.

It’s obvious  to me, that Ms. Badu did not just jump out of a car, start walking down the street and taking off all of her clothes.  The reactions of the people in the video isn’t natural for anyone, famous our not, performing a striptease in a downtown setting.  I mean look at what happened with the nude guy on a billboard a couple of weeks ago backing up traffic.

And Erykah Badu walks out in broad day light, gets buck naked, and no one hears about it?  I’m not buying it.  I could very well be wrong, but this is the new Dealey Plaza conspiracy theory.

I looked at the shadows of Badu (there were hardly any) and they didn’t seem to match up with the shadow’s of people standing along the street. Even when she was “shot” to the ground, the shadow didn’t look right to me.

And how many takes would be necessary to pull together a video like this?  After the first one there would be pictures of a disrobing Badu all over Facebook and Twitter.

If Dealey Plaza were somehow shut down for the shoot, wouldn’t DPD have been involved some way?  And if they were there, wouldn’t they have made a report about the aforementioned nudity?

I’m not buying it.  I think Badu was inserted Jar Jar Binks style.

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  • Erik

    I think you may be correct. Look at the reaction of the people in the crowd. I do not see a rush of people on their cell phone calling 911, or people yelling at her to put her clothes back on. Now grown men are looking off into space as a extremely beautiful buck naked African-American woman comes strolling down the side walk in not just daylight, but broad daylight, hhhmmm? It makes me wonder after all of this and yet no one surrounds her on the ground to take a picture. What kind of TMZ moment is this?
    When was the last time you have been down to Dealy Plaze and a not seen a camera or two? It is as if, the only thing seen was a person with a camera walking down the side walk filming “air”. Also, if it did happen then couldn’t someone get a copy of the 911 call made from Dealy Plaze on March 17, 2010? How hard would that be?

    I think it was a genius marketing tactic to definitely boost her new cd sales. By the way I am on my way to get my copy today.

  • Damien

    I drove through Dealey Plaza today and there were plenty of tourists/visitors with cameras. I also saw a gentleman with a camcorder. The other thing I noticed that I haven’t heard anyone mention was security cameras on the buildings surrounding the plaza. Every movie/TV show with a crime plot relies on security camera footage to help solve the crime. If this was truly shot in Dealey Plaza, there is a security camera or two that has proof.

  • shawnpwilliams

    That’s a great point Damien. Also, where was the camera man? I mean on the end when we hear the gunshot, the camera person couldn’t have been on the sidewalk, to small. And they couldn’t have been in the street right? But then we get a closeup on Erykah and then a pan to the X in the middle of Elm.

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