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Inside Texas Politics: WFAA Channel 8 January 24, 2010

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Here’s last week’s episode of Inside Texas Politics.  If you don’t have time to watch the entire thing, check out my rant on the Massachusetts Senate Race at -10:00. Thanks to the Chris Berg, Brad Watson, Berna Dean Steptoe and the technical crew at Belo 8 for your support.

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  • Lorrie Irby Jackson

    I watched most of the segment and agree with Shawn’s sentiments: those mentioned so-called “Democrats” have, quite frankly, played fast and loose with their credibility and with the future of the party at the country’s expense, and I hope that the Presidential address goes a long way in making these overconfident politicians realize that our well-being as a nation—-as well as their jobs in the White House—-are at stake. Thak you for making it plain and to the point Mr. Williams, well-done.

  • John Patrick

    I watch Katie Sherrod and Mark Davis do a point counterpoint regularly. Today it was on Judicial Activism and the US Supreme Court. I want to comment on the style of Ms.Sherrod and Mr.Davis. Somehow it conjurs an old classical film called “Inherit the Wind”. Spencer Tracy portrays a fictionalized version of the brilliant American trial lawyer Clarence Darrow. There is a veracity to Katie Sherrod and I know she speaks exactly as she believes. Mark Davis comes across as a glib sophist who only says what his conservative audience already wants to hear. Davis said we have no right to privacy today! Mark Davis give me a break.

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