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Tony Romo haters are off base and have short memories to boot

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By Shawn Williams – Dallas South News Editor

Quarterback is the most scrutinized position on any football team.  From Pop Warner to the pros,  people in the stands seem to always have a handle on who should be playing when and how much.  And in so many instances the backup gets more love than the starter.

But Tony Romo haters amaze me.  Most of them are Cowboys fans who blame him for much of the team’s futile playoff fortunes. Fans of other NFL teams (like Detroit, San Francisco, Kansas City and others) realize how few quarterbacks are able to achieve Romo like success, and would gladly take his gaudy numbers.

Tony Romo was once the revered backup.  When Drew Bledsoe was getting sacked left and right, fans clamored for Bill Parcells to give the undrafted player from Eastern Illinois his chance.  Romo was popular with fans, despite limited game time experience.

From the day he replaced Drew Bledsoe in that memorable Monday night game against the New York Giants in 2006, Tony Romo has done nothing but produce.  His game in game out consistency has apparently made Cowboys fans forget the Carter, Hutchison, Leaf, Henson, Bledsoe, Testaverde years, when passing touchdowns and solid quarterback play were hard to come by.

The drawback with Romo in his first couple of years were untimely interceptions (when is an interception ever timely?) and inopportune fumbles.  He was always trying to make something out of nothing and it often cost the Cowboys in the form of turnovers.

But even then Romo showed that he was an accurate passer with the ability to turn busted plays into positive gains.  He’s always thrown for big yards and achieved high passer ratings.  And save for Terrell Owens and Jason Witten, his receivers have been average at best. This year has seen the QB take better care of the ball, connecting on 24 TD passes with only 8 interceptions (three of those came in Week 2 against the Giants).  His lost only 4 fumbles this season, and none in the last six games.

Still, Romo haters often hang their hats on the QB not showing up when it counts, especially in December.  The Cowboys are 2-2 in December with a win over New Orleans (tainted by Tampa Bay doing the same) but Romo has performed well.   He’s thrown 7 touchdowns and only one interception which came yesterday against Washington.  Romo has thrown for an average of 310 yards in the last four games with an average passer rating of 103.5.

There’s no one more frustrated by the Cowboys lack of postseason success than me.  I actually find myself off the bandwagon right now and not fully able to enjoy Dallas’ recent good play.  And while I throw plenty of stones at the Cowboys, their not aimed at Tony Romo.  This has been his best year by far and the Cowboys for once are heating up at the end of the season.

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