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9/11 Remembrance Poem

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BY:  John S. (JT) Lockett II

Photo Courtesy or EveryStockPhoto

Photo Courtesy or EveryStockPhoto

On this day we celebrate
Each and every one of us must participate

On this day typically known for hate
So, why celebrate?

Rejoice, Praise and Elevate
We see… no man controls his on fate
If so, 2, 752 would stand on this day

Seven years and counting, still we debate
So many questions:  Who, how, for what, but…
The soul reason, we may never achieve it.

A purpose, we must believe, God knows best!

We know He puts us through tests, so,
How will we pass it to the rest?

A generation of new flesh, too young to remember
A story that needs to be finished.
Questions, never diminished…. So how will they receive it?
It depends on how you leave it, memories we must face.

But, on this day, we will embrace it
A tribute to those who did not make it
Remember, where we want to go,
They have already made it.  Life’s burdens,
They no longer face

So try not so much to understand, instead
Trust in God’s plan, because in him we can
On this day.

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