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Dallas Police Department tests anti-idling technology on squad car

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As I was walking by the police station today, I thought the Dallas Police Department was having a car show.  There were four vehicles parked on the walkway, folks with cameras out, and citizens milling about.  The only thing missing was a D.J. spinning Ludacris on the ones and twos.

Dallas Police Car

It turns out that Motor Week was in town filming a segment about an innovative technology the Dallas Police Department is pilot testing.  A lone Dodge Charger is utilizing  Energy Xtreme’s Anti-Idling Technology. Energy Xtreme is an Austin based energy company whose mission is conservation through innovation

Anti-idling technology allows drivers to shut down the engine on their vehicles and continue to provide power to electrical devices.  So police computers and other dashboard devices are functional even with the ignition off.  The car can even jump another vehicle while idle.

There are a number of benefits to the technology which virtually eliminates the need for generators and eliminates emissions of cars left running, making it environmentally friendly.  It operates silently, is 98% recyclable, requires zero maintenance, and is even gun shot safe.

The 140 lb. coated aluminum anti-idling device fits into the trunk of the car and charges as the vehicle is driven.   Anti-idling is already being used by the Department of Defense.

The Dallas Police Department hopes the technology will have both financial and enviromental benefits for the force.  “One hour of idle time equals one hour of gas and thirty five miles driven,” said Lt. Dale A. Barnard, Fleet Manager for the Dallas Police Department.

Barnard estimates that each squad car idles for an average of 2 hours per day.  Not only is that two gallons of wasted gas each day, but it’s makes for lots of wear and tear on the engine.  So the technology could also provide savings in the long term through reduced maintenance costs.

He hopes to add anti-idling technology to 100 more vehicles in the DPD fleet next year.  I guess that would mean fewer law enforcement vehicles with their hoods up at roadside accidents.  Sounds like a move in the right direction.

Shawn Williams – Editor

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